The key to fitting the Roadracers is this…can you get a 4mm allen key between the top of the tyre and the forks-brake bridge-brakes? If you can, then the Roadracers will fit your racebike. Doesn’t matter what tyre size, it‘s clearance that is important

The CRUD ‘Roadracer’ concept turns orthodox mudguard design on its head. We reasoned that if you could float the mudguard off the rim then you could do away with a lot of the traditional fixings. The ultralight Roadracer mudguard (under 200 grams the pair) just hovers in place, so there is nothing to rattle or rub. The brushes instantly dampen any road vibrations, settling the mudguard into its neutral central position. In extensive tests we have failed to wear the pile against the rim and the friction involved is so light as to be unmeasurable.


  • ‘We were among the first to use the Crud Roadracer guards, and given the number we’ve seen out and about, they’ve gone down a storm. And rightly so. It’s a great product backed up by amazing customer service.’